Major Achievements

Ms. Hind Al-Husseini succeeded, in cooperation with the members of the Board of Trustees and the financial help of domestic and foreign individuals and organizations, in expanding DTA Organization to include the following sections:

• The boarding section that takes care of Palestinian female orphans and needy students
• Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi School  that has  comprised since 1948 the kindergarten, the elementary and the secondary stages
• The secretarial and sewing sections
• The social service section which had been transferred to Al-Quds University
• Dar Isaaf Al-Nashashibi for Culture, Arts and Literature that included the high diploma of the Islamic Archeology which has been transferred to Al-Quds University 
• Hind Al-Husseini College for Literature which had been transferred to Al-Quds University
• Ahmed Al-Juffali- Palestine Heritage Museum which includes thousands of folkloric pieces

Ms. Mahira Dajani followed the steps of Ms. Hind Al-Husseini and worked hard and voluntarily to develop Dar Al-Tifel Al-Arabi Organization and its services, in cooperation with the Organization’s Board of Trustees and the generous friends who without their financial support the organization would not have been able to survive and expand. Some of the developments that occurred:

• Refurnishing and installing new beds, mattresses, sheets, cupboards, chairs, shelves and curtains for more than once for the Boarding Section and that was funded by the Palestinian Center for Developing Micro Projects, AICOS and Mr. and Mrs. Ameer Dajani, in addition to providing it with heavy duty washing machine through a donation from DTA Committee- Germany.
• The rehabilitation of the Boarding Section building’s electrical network through ANERA and its water network and restrooms through the Italian Palestinian Cooperative Committee and DTA.
• The establishment of DTA Boarding Section Computer Lab and assigning and equipping a sitting room for the boarding students through a fund from ANERA.
• First time renovation of the Palestine Heritage Museum, through a generous fund from Sheikha Jawaher; the wife of Prince of Sharjah His Excellency Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al-Qasimi together with his blessed sons.
• The renovation of the school’s central heating in addition to that of the boarding Section building, the administration building and Dar Isaaf Al-Nashashibi, besides installing solar boilers for the administration building funded by the UNDP. 
• The renovation of the Administration building roof and the central heating system through a fund from the Permanent Qatar Committee.
• Installing an electric generator for the organization co-funded by the United Palestinian Appeal and DTA. 
• The usage of new computer programs and data bases for accounting, salaries, library, students and employees.
• Continuous professional development training for staff.
• The renewal of the electricity network of the school building at the expense of the Japanese Embassy and that of the administration building by Beit Mal Al-Quds Agency. 
• Renovating and refurnishing the Home Economics Room with all its needs at the expense of the Palestinian Micro Projects Center, UNDP and Plum Foundation- Denmark.
• Establishing and equipping physics, chemistry and biology labs through a donation from AICOS and Welfare Association.
• Reconstructing the school’s restrooms and the drinking facilities through a fund from AICOS.
• The rehabilitation of the school’s playground through a fund from ANERA.
• The establishment of Salwa Park through a fund from Dr. Sami Wafa Dajani and the UNDP.
• The establishment of DTA Elementary School Computer Lab, the refurnishing of DTA Secondary School Computer Lab and the rehabilitation of the electronic network for several times; the last time was through a fund from Beit Mal Al-Quds Agency – Morocco.
• The renovation of the school’s music room through funds from the Pontifical Mission and Faisal Al-Husseini Foundation.
• The renovation of the school’s art room by Al-Quds Unit - the Palestinian President’s office.
• The excellent results of DTA students especially in the Tawjihi exam in addition to their winning of first positions in the Jerusalem Directorate of Education’s competitions.
• Continuous support for the extra curricula activities in which DTA students win the first positions.
• Continuous cultural and folkloric activities as of exhibitions and lectures.

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